Pennsylvania Republican Legion 

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Pennsylvania Republican Legion Mission Statement

We will take the offensive on defending the Republic and bringing power back to the citizens. 

Our focus is too shed light on the corrupt political forces that drag down our towns and cities.

We are dedicated to promoting the Republican Party Renaissance in Philadelphia, throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

A Message From Our Leader

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, hard work & dedication in helping in our efforts. 
We are embarking on a new journey as we spread our message of work, vigilance, faith and most of all, unity. Through a strong desire to see our communities and cities grow & prosper, we now can step forward together and offer an alternative to the malaise that's gripped too many of our citizens.

It's our solemn duty to protect and promote the constitution & reject the corruption that steals our children's future. We must defend our freedoms, hold our elected officials accountable and demand responsible solutions to problems. We want to empower our small businesses, create a robust local economy with more jobs, reduce the criminality and drug scourge and overall stand up for the little guy.

President Donald Trump won because he heard the people and stood up. Populism, not socialism, saved the day. I am confident he will succeed in ushering in a great new America but he needs all of us to assist & support him. 

I welcome all of you to be more involved and join us in battle as we stand up proudly as Americans and wave Old Glory proudly.

Help us "Make America Great Again"

God Bless America

Vince Minniti
Pa. Republican Legion

Support The Pennsylvania Republican Legion

To ensure all of  your money goes to our efforts without high transaction fees:

Please make your check payable to:

Philadelphia Grand Renewal Fund (PGRF) 

Mail your contribution to:


P.O. Box 271

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19105 

*Corporate checks are prohibited by law. Personal, PAC & Partnership checks are accepted. Contributions are NOT tax deductible.